Cutting the cake

Our cakes, whether a wedding cake; Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah cake; or a personalized sculptured ‎cake for a special occasion, are not only beautiful and impressive on the outside they are ‎incredibly yummy inside. ‎ We use the best ingredients to create the best flavors‎
Our list of recommended cake flavors is below but other combinations are available. ‎ Every cake comes with a kosher (parve) ‎certificate. ‎

recommened flavors


Inside the cake

Our cakes have 4 layers of my moist sponge filled with 3 layers of filling per tier. ‎
We fill our tiered cakes with tasty, fresh creams that we ‎create ourselves, sometimes with a combination of fruit, nuts and liquor.‎‎
The cakes are covered with a thin layer of tasty chocolate ganache that provides the foundation for ‎a smooth and flawless finish and keeps the cakes moist.‎

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Tasting and Consultation ‎

We would love to meet you in person!‎‎
In a personal meeting we listen carefully to your wishes, thoughts, ideas, and event plans, and together we decide on your personalized designed cake.‎‎
You can also taste some of our best flavors to help you decide on your cake final flavors. It is so much yummy fun!

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Best products and ingredients‎


Edible works of art sculpted to perfection‎


Bring to clients life passions, dreams, and fantasies‎

Planning a celebration?‎

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